Vegetarian Week 2020

Posted May 11, 2020

Hi all!

This blog will have plenty of recipes for vegetarian week 2020!

We always try to create healthy, tasty and cheap meals for students. We want to take the opportunity to celebrate vegetable-based recipes.

Take up the challenge and join us in National Vegetarian Week!

Join us in this daily blog, where we try our best to keep it veggie this week!

We will post recipes every day!

Alternatively you can find a list of vegetarian recipes, already posted on our Recipe Book  where there’s plenty of veg-friendly choices!

Many of us are stuck in quarantine and finding it difficult. So we thought that it’d be a good opportunity to test out some old and new recipes to inspire and motivate.

So this week, at Poor Hungry Student we will try to keep it healthy (apart from Fat Friday of course!).

What's On This Page?


My thoughts drift back to yesterday’s sunday pork roast and I give the remains to the begging cat at my feet.

Reality of the working week has hit us all. The thrills and spills of the weekend a fond memory.

But let’s not get down! Good food can brighten the spirits like nothing else.


Crumpets with butter (very British of us, we know).


Kimchi Soup

Kimchi Soup

My housemate returned from the supermarket with a prawn sandwich. She knew my weakness.

But my willpower was strong.

I will embrace National Vegetarian Week with all the energy I have.

It was then, that I remembered the kimchi sitting in the back of the fridge.

At Poor Hungry Student we’ve been making our own kimchi for a while now. While you can buy it at most asian superstores, there’s nothing better than having your own batch in the fridge. It’s great in so many dishes, but particularly as a base for soup.

Kimchi Soup: it’s healthy, cheap and quick to make! It’s got that spicy and sour taste from the kimchi and savoury depth from the stock. Normally we would use chicken stock, but we swapped it out for vegetable stock (making sure to go for a low sodium cube). It turned out great!

The tofu soakes up all the flavour of the soup and gives some substance to the dish.

With a sprinkle of fresh coriander and lime juice it’s a perfect lunchtime treat.

Check out the recipe here!


Mushroom Stroganoff

The weather was pretty grim today and we felt in the need for some comfort food for supper.

We thought, ‘What can we eat that’s rich and comforting….?’

Mushroom Stroganoff!

Mushrooms have that rich, deep flavour and combined with onion, garlic, paprika and cream… who can say no?

We served it with steaming white rice and long-stem broccoli.

Check out the recipe here.



Scrambled eggs on toast

Scrambled eggs on toast

Full of protein it’s a great brekkie to start the day. If you have fresh chives, it really kicks it up a knotch!

Want to know how to get the fluffiest eggs? Check out our recipe for Scrambled Eggs on Toast.


Salad Time

It was a nice sunny day so we thought what better to have than a couple salads?

A blue cheese, walnut and pear salad with a mozzarella and tomato salad (with roasted beetroots ontop!).


Banana Curry

Things kind of fell apart when it came to dinner. It was one of those moments when you start cooking something and realise you don’t have some of the key ingredients.

With a bit of key improvisation it all turned out well in the end! It doesn’t look so appetizing but I promise it tastes amazing! It was also a great way to use some super green, unripe, bananas I had lying around.

Check out the recipe for yourself!



Nutella on Sourdough

Here at Poor Hungry Student, we make our own sourdough bread. Every week we mix it up slightly, with different flavours, this week we made rasin and citrus peel sourdough.

It was begging for some nutella on top!

(and yes we know the butter wasn’t necessary… but come on- if you’re gonna treat yourself, treat yourself well!)

If you want to learn how to make sourdough yourself – check out our article on How to Make Your Own Sourdough Starter.


Spring Rolls

Vegan Vietnamese Rolls

Packed with vegetables these rice paper rolls go great dipped in sweet chilli sauce!


Butternut Squash Risotto.

Okay so things got a little blurry. We decided to go for butternut squash risotto.

And risotto requires a splash of wine to make it sweet and rich.

So obviously we ended up drinking the entire bottle to finish it off. Waste not, want not? Right?

Parmesan, butter and roasted butternut squash

The risotto was salty, sweet and creamy. It was great (maybe not for your waistline though….)!



Banana Porridge

Banana porridge is so cheap to make and always brings sunshine into the morning. It’s also great way to use over-ripe bananas you have lying around!

It only takes 10 minutes to make and gives me great energy for starting the day.

Check out the recipe!


Cheese and Leek Quiche

Made with cheese, leeks, tomato and eggs this basic quiche is cheap, fast and fun to make.

Served with salad this is such a summer lunch!

It’s easy for any novice in the kitchen to make and you can add any extra vegetables you have kicking about forgotten in the fridge.

The recipe for Leek and Cheese Quiche is available on our website.

Updates coming soon!

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